December 1, 2021
The Handmade Pen Subscription by WhataPen Handmade Creations is LIVE!  Please check it out and get in early to secure your spot!There are 3 options: 1 month, 3 month and 6 month for those that like set and forget options. Also this time I added Stripe plans with the PayPal ones. Check it out
November 29, 2021
Finished a Fordite pen in which this is a new hardware style I am trying out.  It is a thinner body and cap pen than my normal size.  But I like it so far. 
November 27, 2021
Here are the recent Olivewood pens created for customer request. A couple different styles were on the bench.
November 23, 2021
The steampunk with watch gears on a steampump click pen hardware is just one of the coolest looking pens I create.  I also finished this Desert Camo Gearshift pen and a Thin Blue Line EDC.Lastly was this US ARMY remembrance image on a semi automatic rifle click pen. 
November 20, 2021
Gotta love the way the colors came out in this one. Fordite is just a great material to use for a pen. 
November 18, 2021
Was able to finish a couple pens today.
November 17, 2021
There have been many times where I created a logo pen for a business customer and they say this "I would buy more pens if you had that swag stuff".  Well it took me a bit but after a couple years of hearing this I decided to do something about it.  So after some research I have officially launched the Swag Division of WhataPen Handmade Creations, LLC.We offer over 300 thousand items that you can have your logo or motto placed on.  And I am very competitive in pricing and use quality vendors that I approve! So if you are interested ...
November 17, 2021
Finished some pens yesterday for a couple customer request. Remember I can put almost any image on a pen under a resin coating!  
November 13, 2021
Here is a sweet piece of Fordite with some nice eyes and swirls that is put on a Semi Automatic click pen. Make sure you order your handmade ink pens today! 
November 12, 2021
Finished 5 more circuit board twist pens for customer orders. I really love this pen since electronics is my background.

Does your business need Swag!?! Check out the new Swag Division of WhataPen!