Welcome to Our Website!

WhataPen is all about creating unique handmade writing instruments aka ink pens that will last for a long time.  All of our ink pens are easily refillable with the normal refills you can get from almost anywhere.  They have a great balance so they feel great in the hand.

A little about me:

I am Randall Cunningham, a now semi retired ARMY Veteran and I create handmade writing instruments aka ink pens that people love an use everyday.  All my pens are Handmade in the USA.

I started this hobby back in 2012 and it turned into a small business over the years as it grew and the WhataPen name was born and loved.

Hope you enjoy the handmade ink pens!

If you have some questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Here are some websites who support us and who we recommend:

Mitchell Time Pieces makes high quality timepieces to honor veterans and history! Mitchelltimepieces.com

Our mission is to produce the highest quality, dopiest, Fishing & Chilling products on the planet and Live our lives in such a manner. CatchFishandChill.com

Law enforcement/veteran owned American made coffee and patriotic apparel company supporting military & law enforcement charities. GunsCoffeeFreedom.com

Thank you for visiting our website!

 -whatapen.com  Team